The Art of Espionage VII: Secrets

When people talk about their espionage characters, secrets (along with objectives) are usually one of the first things to come to mind. Secrets provide the majority of tension in a scenario. Who wants to kill me? Who is my unnamed target? Is my partner out to betray me? What is the stranger’s true agenda? We’re […]

The Art of Espionage VI: Relationships

I’ve proposed to my partners on multiple occasions that it would make this much neater, much easier if we could write a scenario with no people in it. There would be nobody mucking up all our immaculately written plots, nobody starting new plots that don’t relate to anything we’ve written, or teaming up and starting […]

My First Espionage

I met Rey sometime in 2008 through OSU’s Medieval and Renaissance Performers Guild. We’d both joined it after coming to the university for grad school, which made us both odd, since almost all the other members were undergrads. I didn’t get to know her all that well until I moved back to Columbus from Berlin […]